My Day at The Met: Looking for Leo

Helloooooo to Anyoneeeee who’s reading! On this week’s Adventures of New York, I take on the cultural Mecca that is the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Although I started my journey with a pair of frozen lips and testes, the search for Leo’s work thawed me and the boys right on out.

If you everrr go to NYC, this is a must-go destination. The museum not only has artwork from all over the world and from all different time periods, it has seasonal showcases — like Leo or Matisse — that will make you want to steal allll of the artwork.

If you don’t like artwork, this place will make you love it! If you still don’t like it, then I suggest you see a doctor in the MET cafeteria.

Take a look at the website and it will change yo life —