About AWL

I am a 26-year-old journalist living the dream in NYC. Or at least trying to.

Join me as I take on the big apple and show you all it has to offer.

I will visit all the extra Insta-worthy destinations NYC and abroad have to offer and provide you vital instructional how to’s on how to survive the city with Adventures of New York.

I will show you where to find the best smoothies in NYC or create a fruitful smoothie masterpiece in your home with Smoothie Sundays.

I will eat ALL the best vegan food NYC has to offer with Vegan Noms and show you how to make select dishes that won’t break the bank with Meal-Prep Mondays.

And I will provide you the latest business news to help you make informed decisons and maka da money with Business Bites.

All this to entertain and inform anyone who’s listening.

Page Descriptions

Adventures of New York —

Here you will find videos of the most Insta-worthy destinations NYC and abroad have to offer.

I will provide you my unique perspective on the situations I encounter and provide you instructional how-to’s on surviving The City… among other things.

This is the spot where you’ll find where to go if you visit The City and what to do. These are my Adventures of New York.

Impressions of New York —

Here you will find my written and more in-depth thoughts on NYC.

I could write thousands of pages of my inflated opinion about certain topics and events in the world, so I will spare you. I’ll just share the inflated opinions I have on NYC. 😉

Kidding. Relax.

There is so much to say about this city that one post or video won’t do it justice.

I’ll explain the unique situations that New York City seems to constantly put me in from my own unique perspective.

From my day-to-day goings on to more in-depth columns, I will sit you down and blow your mind with my impressions of New York.

Vegan Noms —

Here you will find a compilation of all my vegan meals and noms in New York City and abroad.

If you’re like me when I was not vegan, you wilI hear the word vegan and take a longgg internal sigh and say to yourself, “ahhh he’s one of those.”

I will agree with you. When I heard that as a non-vegan, I made the internal groan and then started to feel some real strong hippy vibes.

I still receive those vibes from some of my vegan bretheren, specilfically those with dreadlocks. And no judge. You do you.

But I don’t have dreads, and I still love vegan food.

This should be your takeaway — judge the person under the vegan title, with or without dreads. Don’t judge the word. Everyone’s got their inspirations.